Let’s Talk Anime: Anime Club


Aaliyah Pena

Freshman Hayley Langeberg, Freshman Blake Bergland and Senior Club President Cameron Sutton.

Aaliyah Pena, Team Editor

There are many different clubs organized at Azle. Each club created out of interests regarding the student body. While the school provides classes for designated career choices, student clubs provide interests outside of school. 

Anime club is just one of many student clubs organized at Azle. Anime is a style of animation that is popular in Japanese films and shows. Also being correlated with other cultures.

“To me, anime is just an animated cartoon but it’s a lot more than that because I think it has better graphics and I really like that most cultures are initiated into it, even India has their own version of anime,” freshman Blake Bergland said. 

Members of the anime club expressed their need for a club to know more people interested in anime. 

“I just got tired of watching anime alone with just my dad,” senior club president Cameron Sutton said. “I then heard about it from a friend in the hallway, saying that it was in Ms. Litvin’s room and I was like, ‘Oh I have to check this out’, I went in there and after one day I was like I belong here, I need to do this more.” 

The anime club consists of many games involving popular anime and the members’ personal favorites. You even get to watch anime.

“So what we do is we mainly play something called ‘The Song Game’,” Sutton said. “I will get my phone out and have a playlist of anime openings and we get into two teams, we set a paper ball in the middle and when the anime opening plays you have to grab the ball and name the song, we then watch an episode or two of an anime if we have time.” 

The members highly encourage you to join and try something new. Even if you haven’t watched anime but are interested.

“All we do is laugh and have a really good time,” freshman Oliver Flowers said. 

 “We’re just goofballs trying to have something to do in our free time. As long as you’re respectful, we welcome everyone.”

If you’re even the slightest bit interested, the members of the anime club welcomes you.

“We meet every other Wednesday in C14, my room, from 3:20 to 4:30 in the afternoon,” English teacher and club advisor Arianna Taylor said.