We Love Our Custodians


Natalie Barnes, Staff writer

The quiet heroes of the school. Among the first to arrive each day and the last to leave, who clean messes no one dares to touch. The ones who keep the school clean for you to have the best experience possible. To our custodians, Thank You!

When was the last time you walked into the bathroom and there was a gnarly mess and the next day it was gone? Or when someone spilled their food or drink in the cafeteria and it was cleaned up before the next lunch?

 That’s all thanks to our custodial crew. Our custodians work their behinds off before the school day starts, during school hours, and well after school ends to ensure the school is squeaky clean. 

How long has it been since you told a custodian “Thank you” or told them that you appreciate what they do? Or complimented them for their work?

For most students, the answer is probably that it has been a while if ever. Custodians have feelings, too. They need to know that what they do is appreciated. 

Next time you see a custodian in the hall or during your lunch, ask them for a second of their time. Tell them how you recognize and appreciate the effort that they put into keeping our school clean. It was 30 seconds to make a compliment that will stick with them all day.  

To the custodians; Thank you from all of us on the newspaper staff! We appreciate you and your effort!