This Years Interact Project Trailin’ Along


Hailey Burkett, team editor

The botanical gardens are coming to Azle this year as interact members fill up their watering cans, start-up their weed eaters, and grab their shovels. The club plans to redo the trail in the back of the school by the Ag. barn for student use as well as to honor Azle graduate Keaton Schlueter’s memory who started the trail as an Eagle Scout project.

Interact plans on going to check out the nature of the trail whenever the rain lightens up to begin pouring in the hard work. They will begin by walking the trail as is and seeing what needs to be done to restore it to its original beauty

“As soon as there is favorable weather will begin to go and repair the trail,” senior interact member Wesley Speck said.

They will then begin pulling out their shovels and garden gloves to weed out the overgrown brush and debris and start blooming the trail into its former days of harvest.

Interact members are not the only planters in the crop, they’re calling for other clubs such as FFA and floral design to help plant a garden for students to maintain and watch grow. The trail will be open to all students who wish to go on a midday nature walk to get their hike in or just have a stroll.

“We want to get the whole school involved with it,” interact Vice President Cameron Mauerhan said. “We were thinking FFA and floral design could start a community garden.”

The trail is projected to be pollinated and ready to go for its day of emergence by the end of this school year. It will be re-opened in honor of Keaton who originally cleared the trail as his project to become an Eagle Scout. Keaton passed away from cancer after graduating from UTA. Since then, the trail has become overgrown and unmaintained. So interact sponsor Mrs. Marlett has taken it upon the club to restore it in Keaton’s honor.

“Keaton was a former student of mine and I’d love to do something to honor his memory,” Marlet said. “We want to make it something nice, something different, something that Keaton would be proud of.”