Choir Students Rocked It At Region


Mariah Hanna and Natalie Barnes

On Oct. 19, a group of choir students went to Granbury High School to audition for the region choir. A handful of students made the cut and got to perform at the region concert on Nov. 16. 

“It was really nerve-wracking,” sophomore Natalie Barnes said. “I had never auditioned for anything before, it was like a whole new environment. I did the best I could and I ended up making 1st chair alto one in the 9/10 honor choir.”

Barnes was not the only student to make the 9/10 honor choir.

“This was my first time to audition or anything and I was honestly shaking,” sophomore Jadyn Wheeler said. “I made 2nd chair soprano one and I honestly cried.”

The students put in a lot of time and practice to get to the concert.

“In preparation for the whole audition process at the end of last school year and I’ve been working ever since,”  senior Lukus Robertshaw said. “I spent lots of time learning the music, learning the notes, and learning how to sing in German.”

Concert goers were pleased with the concert. 

“I think the region concert was solid,” Choral Director Brent McCartney said. “I was telling a colleague of mine that as a freshman and sophomore choir, the music and the sound were a lot more mature than the last few concerts that I remember. Overall, as a concert, I was very pleased.”