Rose Nava

Kenny Caswell, Staff Writer

Rose Nava is a sophomore and a member of YMCA Youth And Government, a club that shows highschool students the in’s and out’s of legislative bill writing. Rose presented the bill at a district meet at Chisholm Trail and is now moving onto state at the state capital in Austin and debating her bill in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

“This is my first year in YMCA Youth And Government, if I do make it to floor and my bill gets passed, it will greatly affect all schools in texas,” Rose Nava said.

She is debating a bill that sets a requirement for students to have a law enforcement credit to graduate that will replace the half a credit of PE for students in texas.

“I believe it’s a very important issue and im very excited to have a chance to experience the big leagues of legislative government,” Rose Nava said.

This bill could help educate students about the fundamentals of law enforcement, and know more about how to interact with officers and how to handle a traffic stop or alert the authorities when needed.

“It’s our first year doing YMCA government, its new to everyone so it’s very exciting to see what will happen,” Rose Nava said.

YMCA Government is a club that was brought in this year and is advised by Mr. Mackey. Rose and the YMCA Government Club will be going to states in Austin on February 2nd to present and debate her bill.