The most stressful week of the year


Grace Walsh, Staff writer and sports editor

       Semester exams are always very stressful for students this time of year. Students sacrifice their sleep to stay up all night to make sure they know the information for the test. 

        Some students don’t have to take the exams because they haven’t missed school and are passing. If you’re exempt from your tests you can go to the auditorium where they play Christmas movies for you and you can hang out with your friends. 

      Everyone dreads the last days of the semester when people should be happy that we are getting out for a break. “I can’t even get myself to get out of bed in the morning on exam day because I know its gonna be a day full of tests,” Junior Kaylee Goodwin said. 

      Students’ feelings for the finals vary. Some people are totally prepared for them and others have to cram in knowledge the night before. “The exams really don’t bother me honestly, Sophomore Brianna Cochran said. “I pay attention in school and do my work so the exams are pretty easy for me.”  

      A tip that can help you prepare for the final is to join or create a study group. Get your friends together and host a big study group at your house or a friend’s house. Grab some snacks and put on some Beethoven.  Another tip is to get notecards and make little cheat cheats on there to be able to study off of.     

       Exams get stressful so you got to have some ways to relax. The night before you need to get as much sleep as you can. Try to go to bed early and don’t watch TikTok all night. It may seem like the best idea to study all night but don’t work yourself too hard, you need sleep. The morning before you should eat a good breakfast and not just a piece of bread. A good breakfast will start you off on the right foot and get your mind working for those tests. 

        Students do not like the idea of exams and think they are unnecessary. There are many ways to prepare for your tests and to do well on them. All in all, get a good amount of sleep and study, study, study.