Google Classroom or Canvas?

Aaliyah Pena, Team Editor

Many teachers and students are familiar with the popular learning management program,  Canvas. Canvas allows teachers to upload assignments, notes, announcements and more for students to view. Teachers and students have discovered many flaws with the website as the years go by. 

In 2014, Google came up with a different solution to help teachers. Google had created an add-on feature called Google Classroom. It allows teachers the same advantages as Canvas but with easier access and minimal layout. Teachers are allowed to link their assignments with the advantage to view who has looked at the assignment and completed their work. Google Classroom adds the feature to turn in word documents and shared slides for projects without any other sources. 

Google Classroom has gotten little to no recognition for its features and little flaws. The layout of Google Classroom is easy to maneuver around and find assignments. Teachers can organize certain assignments into certain topics making it easier for students to access. 

Though Canvas and Google Classroom seem to have the same advantages, Classroom is superior because of its minimalistic layout and easy access to assignments. For teachers, it is easier to know who has viewed what assignment and completed the task. 

For these reasons, administration should encourage many teachers in Azle to give Classroom a try. Classroom should be recognized as an option as well as Canvas.