Straight to State

Tori Patton and Cynthia Garcia

8 students in the Healthcare Occupations club (HOSA) competed in the HOSA region competition on Dec. 4. 

HOSA is a student ran organization that strives to empower students interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. 

“I love everything about the club,” senior Taya Pope said. “Even though since it’s our first year, we haven’t been able to involve ourselves in much.”

The club HOSA started a few years ago, but this is their first year competing since 1976.

“We are in district 5 and we have competitions that start in round one as an online competition they go in and take a written test,” Health and Science teacher Sheri Bush said.  “Based on the results, the test determines if they go to area or state.”

The competition was held in the computer lab and they took an online test.

“We are thrilled from the results to see two people got to area and one to state.” Tiffany Shaw said.

Junior Hunter Martin and Taya will advance to the area competition in Crowley. 

“I am really interested in going into the medical field after high school,” Hunter said. “I am excited about advancing to area in a couple of weeks.” 

Senior Taylor Martin will advance straight to the state competition held in Galveston. 

“I’ve never really competed by taking a test and then advancing to state or not moving on,” Taylor said. “It was a great feeling when I found out that I will be advancing to state.”