Does music help students learn better?


Macie Crawford, staff writer

Music is a universal language to everybody no matter their location. Music is especially popular with teens and young adults as they have many sources for it.

The most popular way to listen to music this day and age is through headphones or earbuds. High school is a place that’s abundant with teens wearing headphones, whether it be in the halls, in class, during lunch, etc. Many students use music to concentrate during class or keep their calm throughout the school day.

“Music, when I’m working, makes me more focused on my work and not people in the class,” senior Noah Rivers said.

Many students use music as an escape from their day to day lives. While listening to music, people can get in their own headspace and just focus on themselves or whatever they’re working on.

“I like listening to music while working because it puts me in my own little focus bubble and I feel like music is less distracting than other students,” senior Eden Biondillilo said.

With teachers being strict on cell phones and headphones usage while in class, some students who use music as a way to keep their focus don’t have the help.