Azle Excels in UIL


Photo by Macie Crawford

Front: Savannah Bonner, Jacob Burton, Alyssa Quick, Arianna Pardue, Madisyn Hurst Middle: Zoe Barber, Cynthia Garcia, Tori Patton, Cathrine DeGeorge, Jenna Conner, Mariah Hanna, Countess Whitfield, Hailey Burkett Back: Derek Bernsen, Nikolas Birkeland, Harrison Coviello, Brandon Burton, Dalton Hevel, Erika Clayton, Annie Cole, Cecilia Clark, Cameron Mauerhan, Kenny Caswell, Corey Hevel Not Pictured: Robbie Freeman, Ethan Saline, Nathan Quick

Zoe Barber and Ethan Marquart

On Saturday, Jan. 11, the UIL academics teams competed at Tarrant County College. Azle placed first as a team, and the coaches are very excited about the students’ progress. With two of Azle’s biggest competitors there, Saginaw and Chisholm Trail, Azle has started to rise to the top, slowly but surely. The competitions that students competed in were journalism, math and science, debate, and English ready writing. 

“I have wanted to join UIL, but I was too scared to. I decided to just join this year and I’m very happy I did,” junior Tori Patton said. Patton placed second in feature writing and fourth in news writing.

There ended up being 32 individual awards and four team awards. Journalism and Calculator both placed first as a team. The number sense and Mathematics team placed second overall. 

Students had fun at the competition but were also drained from all of the hard work. They arrived at TCC around 7 A.M and didn’t leave until around 6 P.M. 

“One of the only downsides is that we have to wake up early and wait for so long for results,” sophomore Cynthia Garcia.

On the Math and Science team, seniors Annie Cole and Jenna Conner have been on the team since they started high school. Both scored well for our UIL team. Cole got second place in calculator while Conner placed first, allowing them to clinch the 1st place calculator team award.

“My favorite thing about math team is we get to get to meet new people and just learn math together,” Cole said.

9th/10th Grade

Number Sense
2nd place – Alyssa Quick
4th place – Corey Hevel
5th place – Nathan Quick

Calculator Applications
3rd place – Alyssa Quick
5th place – Nathan Quick

3rd place – Alyssa Quick

2nd place – Corey Hevel

News Writing
5th place – Kenny Caswell

Feature Writing
1st place – Arianna Pardue

Headline Writing
1st place – Erika Clayton
6th place – Kenny Caswell

Editorial Writing
1st place – Erika Clayton
3rd place – Arianna Pardue

11/12th Grade

Number Sense
2nd place – Nikolas Birkeland

Calculator Applications
1st place – Jenna Conner
2nd place – Annie Cole
4th place – Nikolas Birkeland

4th place – Annie Cole

Ready Writing
2nd place – Savannah Bonner
3rd place – Harrison Coviello

Speech: Persuasive Extemporaneous
4th place – Robbie Freeman

News Writing
1st place – Cameron Mauerhan
3rd place – Mariah Hanna
4th place – Tori Patton
6th place – Zoe Barber

Feature Writing
2nd place – Hailey Burkett
3rd place – Tori Patton

Headline Writing
3rd place – Hailey Burkett

Editorial Writing
3rd place – Cecilia Clark
5th place – Mariah Hanna

Copy Editing
2nd place – Mariah Hanna
5th place – Cameron Mauerhan


Team Results
1st place Journalism Team (coached by Neil Corbett)
1st place Calculator Applications Team (Conner, Cole, A. Quick)
2nd place Number Sense Team (A. Quick, Birkeland, C. Hevel)
2nd place Mathematics Team (Conner, Cole, D. Hevel)