Modern Day Hamlet


Photo by Kenny Caswell

AP English 4 students watch their classmates perform Hamlet as a sci-fi epic.

Cynthia Garcia, Staff Writer

He began to mysteriously pull his hood down. Markus Dyck took a few steps toward his opponent and silence stopped the room. He took out his light saber and the battle began. Cristian Salazar then took his light saber out and fought back. Cristian continued to swing and strike as Markus recited the first lines of Hamlet.

On Jan. 10 and 13, English teacher Sarah Milosh’s AP English IV classes presented their “Genre Study” projects. Every year, Milosh’s AP English IV classes do a project where they act out a scene from Hamlet by Shakespeare in different genres.

“I developed this particular lesson when I went to the AP Institute’s workshop years ago and Hamlet is a little heavier to jump into and this is a way to lighten it up,” Milosh said.

The AP English IV students are preparing to take their AP test at the end of the year to hopefully earn college credit.

“Mrs. Milosh is doing a good job of preparing me for the AP test,” senior Ivy Deel said. “She works directly with AP so we have all the curriculum that’s made for the test and we do it every week.” 

Despite the difficult nature of the class, Milosh does her best to inject it with as much excitement as she can.

“The stuff we learn in the class is actually relevant to English and it’s definitely a fun literature class,” Deel said.

Milosh’s primary goal is to get her students to think more deeply about the material they study.

“My favorite thing about AP English IV is being able to have meaningful discussions about literature,” Milosh said.

It’s clear from the students’ perspectives they are delving further into the depths of the world of literature.

“AP English IV is a very challenging course it’s one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken in high school,”senior Josh Robinson said. “It’s very enjoyable with the people in my class and with Mrs. Milosh.”