Congress passes a bill that would require the age to purchase tobacco products to 21

Cameron Mauerhan, Staff Writer

In an effort to reduce tobacco and nicotine use among teens, Donald Trump signed a bill into effect on Dec 20, 2019, that raises the minimum age to purchase tobacco products to 21.  The bill took immediate effect once it was signed. The law prohibits any persons under 21 from buying any tobacco or nicotine products. 81 percent of adult smokers said they had their first cigarette before 18.  

The bill hopes to reduce the amount of nicotine usage in young adults. Some 18 or 19-year-olds were “suppliers” for younger piers. Typically, someone who is 21 is already out of high school.

“I think this new law does nothing for the youth,” one anonymous source said. “If I want some more NJOY pods, I can always get some another way.” 

This bill, however, does not target the victim. If a 19-year-old goes into RaceTrac for example, and purchases a tobacco product, the store who sold it will be at blame, not the person who purchased the product. 

“At least the law does not blame the victim,” senior Pierce Loeffelholz said. “Too many laws blame the users and victims. I’m glad to see the victim is finally not blamed for the action of others.” 

Controversy has sparked over the passing of the new bill. Many critics of the bill do not understand why you can enlist in the military but cannot buy tobacco or nicotine products. 

“I think it is so unbelievably dumb how I can die for a place where I can’t get nicotine,” anonymus said. “It is my choice to use. If I can legally consent, I should legally be allowed to use nicotine products.”