Almost Time for Valentine’s


Natalie Barnes, staff writer

You’re running out of time to get gifts for your Valentine! Big or small, here are some ideas for all. 

Girls are pretty easy to get things for because most of us like the cliche things. You can never go wrong with flowers, but the kind of flowers to get is dependent on the girl. Some girls may like tulips, others may like daffodils, but roses are a classic and you can almost never go wrong with them. The cool thing about roses is that there are different colored roses. At a store like Walmart or Albertsons, you can usually get pink, red, or sometimes white. If that is too cliche, head up 199 towards Springtown. There is a little floral shop, Maria’s Floral Shop, that has roses that are naturally two-toned. No dyes ever. She usually has ones that fade from dark purple to light purple and ones that fade from yellow to pink. Maria’s prices aren’t astronomical either. I highly recommend looking there. No matter where you go, flowers are gorgeous and your girl is sure to love them. 

Boys are nearly impossible to shop for when it comes to most holidays, but Valentine’s day is easy. As much as boys hate to admit it, they’re softies and love sentimental things. Speaking from personal experience, things like a blanket or a puzzle with y’alls faces or something personal to y’all on it are always great. You could get a clear jar, fill it with Hershey Kisses, and put a sticky note on it that says “Kisses for when I’m not around.” Anything that comes from your heart, a guy will love. If your boyfriend has his driver’s license, get him a key chain. Amazon has cute ones that say things like “Drive safe, I need you,” “I love you,” or you can get ones personally engraved.

Some gifts are great for both guys and girls. A scrapbook or photo album would be a great way to express your love. Amazon has some quality albums for under $20 and Walgreens usually runs a special on picture printing around holidays so you may want to keep your eye out and check their website periodically. If you don’t want to go for a traditional album, you can get a box that has layers in it and every time you take the lid off of a tier, another layer of pictures falls. Just get on Amazon and look up Explosion Gift Box, there are several to pick from. You can also never go wrong with candy. There are different ways to do candy, though. You can go to the store and get a heart-shaped box of chocolates, or you can do a candy basket. A candy basket will probably be a bit more expensive, but also more personal. It doesn’t have to be big, but getting a basket or bucket and putting a few of your valentine’s favorite candies in there will warm their heart. It never hurts to get a little stuffed animal to go with a gift, but could it hurt for it to be the main gift? No! If you feel like it may not be big enough for whoever you’re giving it to, spray some perfume or cologne on it before you give it to them. Comfort is a great way to go, too. A blanket, fuzzy socks, and matching pajamas would be super cute. You could even go the extra mile and put cute puns on them. If you get pajamas you can put a note that says something along the lines of “Because I’m so comfortable with you.” If you get a thing of candy you can put a note like “Because you’re so sweet.”

Handwritten gifts never fail to impress. Writing a letter about how much you love them would be great but what if you could do more? Make a journal or note cards and put reasons why you love them or things you love about them. When they have a bad day, they can just read the reasons why you love them and hopefully turn their frown upside down! If you would rather write a letter but you don’t know what to say, you can make multiple little letters for them to open at various times. On the envelope put “Open when…” and put the scenario. A few scenario ideas are open when you’ve had a bad day, need reassurance, feel lonely, forget how much I love you, you want date ideas, new songs to listen to, facts about me, or anything else you may think of. I highly recommend making a letter that says “Open this letter first” and have it explain exactly when to read the rest of the letters because if not, they may open the letters just to see what they say and it won’t be as meaningful because they aren’t feeling the emotion that the letter was for.

If you have been in a relationship for a while and you have already used some of these ideas, you could do a 5 senses gift. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a 5-part gift and there is 1 gift for each sense and on the front of each of the gift’s wrapping or bag you write what sense it covers. For taste, you could get candy, a gift card to a restaurant, cake pops, brownie mix, popcorn, or any other food/drink item. For sight, you could buy them a movie, a new video game, tickets to the movies, personalized coffee mug, a card that says you bought them a subscription to a streaming service they don’t already have. For touch, you could get a blanket, a bathrobe, gift card to a spa or to get a massage. The smell items will be the most simple. You can get them cologne or perfume, soap, body wash, bubble bath, or candles. Sound will probably be the hardest. You could get them speakers, earbuds/AirPods, an instrument, or an iTunes gift card. 

Your special someone will love anything you get them no matter what because it’s always the thought that counts. If buying things isn’t your style, just go eat or hang out somewhere. After all, Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love, not necessarily spending money.