The Most Important Meal of the Day


Hailey Burkett, team editor

Whether you’re just grabbing a granola bar or sitting down for chocolate chocolate chip pancakes at IHOP, downing a few calories before starting off on your day can have huge benefits.

When most high schoolers are asked what they had for breakfast the answers are usually as follows “nothing”, “air” or “what’s that”. And then the excuses of waking up too late or simply not having enough time. The effects of this, however, can be much worse than being late to first period. Skipping breakfast can slow your metabolism, make it harder to concentrate and of course, make you hangry.

While it is sometimes hard to get up those extra ten minutes earlier, doing so can actually result in more energy through your day. Making you feel ‘egg’cellent and ready to make it all the way to your eighth period.

Here are some simple and fast ideas for creating your most important meal of the day.

To begin with, a classic egg. While these may take more time if you start them right, when you wake up and flip them halfway through your morning routine you will have them ready with no extra time before you walk out of the door, no yolk.

Another easy breakfast is overnight oats. Put half a cup of oatmeal into a jar and one cup of milk or water as well as whatever seasonings or toppings you like. Pop it in the fridge overnight and you will have a quick grab and go breakfast by morning.

And lastly, there are of course the easiest of easy, cereal, granola bars, or just any fruit. Breakfast doesn’t have to be a four-course meal but getting something in your system is important for your physical as well as mental health. So grab some lucky charms or some orange juice before running out the door, anything to get your body moving.