Cut the Waste


Cecilia Clark, Editor-in-Chief

Recently there’s been a lot of scares going around social media regarding global warming. For many, the thought of climate change can be pretty scary and make people feel helpless. Some might even ask themselves “What can I do?”

There’s actually many ways one can help the environment such as eating a plant-based diet, driving a more eco-friendly car, or even just thrifting. But one of the simplest ways to help out the planet without making many sacrifices at all is switching to a “zero waste” lifestyle. 

A zero waste lifestyle means trying to create as little waste as you can. This can be done by recycling, composting, and purchasing products in compostable packaging. 

Here are some tips if you’re interested in trying out this environmentally-conscious lifestyle:

  1. Buy your products in bulk. By purchasing goods in bulk sizes you don’t have to deal with as much plastic packaging as you would if you bought that same product multiple times, and you save money.
  2. Reuse old containers. Next time you use up the last bit of food or drink that came in a glass container, just go ahead and wash it out to use again. As long as you can properly clean and sanitize your container, it is perfectly safe to use again. Also, that jar or glass can then be used again to hold items bought in bulk or some yummy overnight oats!
  3. Shop for secondhand clothing. Who doesn’t love thrifting? Not only is it enjoyable to do with friends, but it’s also super sustainable. The fast-fashion industry is a growing threat to the environment, by shopping secondhand you can avoid supporting that entirely.

Next time you’re wondering what you can do to help out the planet, consider trying some low waste alternatives. Sure, plastic can be convenient for humans, but not for the Earth.