To Prom or not to Prom?


Aaliyah Pena and Zoe Barber

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Prom is a divisive event every year. The glamour of it all is a draw all on its own, but who has that much money to spend? Two of our senior writers put down why they are or aren’t going to prom this year. In the comments below, let us know if you’re planning on going to prom and why or why not.



by Team Editor Aaliyah Peña

Now that the new year has begun, senior season is starting to move at a faster pace. Prom, graduation, diplomas, adulthood, oh my! There are many things to look forward to as this year is coming to a close, prom being a major event to look forward to for seniors and anyone else attending. 

Being employed and focusing on other things outside of school such as getting my license, paying phone bills and saving up for my own vehicle, the stress of prom and expenses has overlooked any feeling of excitement for the popular event. The dress and suit shopping, the ticket prices, makeup, hair, accessories, etc. all have my bank account crying for help. 

The weekend of prom will be strictly dedicated to either work or my own fancy get together with friends and family. At some point before graduation, I would love to have a celebration remembering all of the years of high school that flew by before I knew it. 

I stand by the very statement that prom is not for everyone as much as any other high school event is not for everyone. I personally do not see myself attending the event due to my responsibilities and it is okay. I am thankful for the events that I have attended in my previous years and will forever cherish each moment. Prom is not the entirety of high school! Simply a celebration for our seniors who will soon begin their lives after graduation.



by Staff Writer Zoe Barber

Prom can be a big deal to some but not to others. Even still, I think everyone should experience their prom.

It’s the last big hoo-rah of high school. It is the last time you can dress up for a school event. It can be fun to hang out with friends you’ve made over the years and celebrate. 

For girls, getting dressed up, doing your makeup and hair can be fun. And for guys being able to wear a suit or tux for once can be exciting. 

As for me, I am attending because my parents are excited for me. I’m the youngest child so they want to go all out before there are no more proms they can prepare for. Your parents will love to see you all dressed up before leaving for college. 

Not only is it a dance but there will be food and fun photo booths. Taking fun photos with your friends will make good memories to look back on. 

Prom can be a fun experience to make memories. Your future self will thank you to be able to look back at the fun time you had. 

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