Teen Slang for the Gang


Cynthia Garcia, Staff Writer

Through the years teens have come up with unique words or catchphrases based on things that are occurring in teen culture. These words are sometimes created by recycling the old words, abbreviating current ones, or giving new meanings to them. There are many popular words and catchphrases that are used to make by teens more “quirky” or “cool”. Some of the most popular teen catchphrases or words are “no cap”, “yeet”, “and I oop”, “bet”, and “OMM.”

You probably have heard many teens say the phrase “no cap”. At first, I thought they were saying “no capital letters”, but this phrase means “no lie” or “for real”. The word alone “cap” means lie. This word didn’t start vibing with teens until 2019 due to the slang in Atlanta-area hip-hop.

“Yeet” is another popular word that is used daily by teens. There are many ways to use the word “yeet”. If you’re trying to spice up sentences or trying to be funny, “yeet” is always the way to go. You could use this word in just about anything you choose, just don’t make it awkward. This word means “to throw something in excitement.” I’m not capping on you guys, “yeet” is the slang to use.

Another popular word that’s used by is us teens is “and I oop.” This word is used when “something or someone catches you off guard”. It’s used whenever you are surprised or shocked. It can also be “a response to a bold statement or action.” “And I oop” came from “VSCO girls” types of girls that were popular during the summer of 2019. This word is really “quirky.”

“Bet” has differently caught us off guard in 2019. Although you might believe the word could mean bet like you’re betting on something. Teens have given this word a whole new meaning. This word is used when “you’re in agreement with something.” Teens often use this word when they make plans and they respond with “bet”. 

The last popular word you could use to “fit in” with the teenage culture is “OMM.” This word is an abbreviation for “on my momma” at first I thought this word was another way of saying “mhm” which means “ok.” When you use this word is liking you’re making a promise “on your mom.” Your mom is one of the biggest people in your life so making a promise on her makes it a powerful promise. 

All of these words and many more are so teens can express themselves and make conversations where they’re vibing more with their peers. They expand teen’s vocabulary and creativity. I’m not capping on my momma when I tell you to use these words and many more teen slang “quirky” words.