Voter Registration Coming to a School Near You

Cameron Mauerhan, Staff Writer

In an effort to increase the turnout for young voters, the library offered voter registration on Jan. 27 during government and economics classes. This gives students the guidance they need to register with someone who already has previous experience. This process was free for every student. The library had an estimated 50-75 seniors who were eligible to register.

With an increase in young voter turnout, the library wants to continue it by teaching students the importance of taking part in elections.. Percentages for young voters has risen from 20% in 2014, to 36% in 2018

“This takes a lot of setting up to do, but the reason I do it is because I love young people being excited to vote and register,” librarian Nikki Stroud said. 

Not only were the librarians excited, so were the students. 

“It was honestly a blessing,” Senior Austin Smith said. “I do not think I would have done this otherwise if they wouldn’t have shown up. They made the process super easy and hassle free.” 

The school says they plan to do this next year in hopes to register more students. They’d also like to encourage the importance of voting at a young age. Their goal is to get as many students to register as they can. 

“I hope they continue to offer this,” senior Evan Stover said. “This is really good that they are doing this. I just don’t get why students just don’t register right now. Like just do it, it is easy and free.”