Guide to Getting Cash Money


Kenny Caswell, Staff Writer

Need a job? Maybe just some pocket cash? I’d like to share some of my ideas in the high school job industry. Having a semi-steady income of cash can be beneficial, whether it’s due to financial stress or just an urge to go shopping, Earning and using your own money brings a sense of fulfillment and builds a healthy work ethic that will send you out into the working world after high school.

So, if you’re still currently in high school there’s plenty of places that will allow you to work part-time, places such as Sonic, Brookshires, and many more. Most places will pay close to minimum wage, $7.25 – $9.00, but it really depends on where you work and how long you have worked there. If you’re under the age of 18 there is a legal limit to the amount of hours you can work per week, now according to, a minor can work only 8 hours/day and 48 hours/week, so if you’re theoretically making $7.25/hour, that’s $348/week, and further, $1,392/month. 

Now for our leaving seniors and 18-year-olds, a new job range opens up. There are many government and private organizations that help new adults find job opportunities. Such programs like the US Department of Labors “Employment and Training Administration” which is a small training course that not only teaches financial security skills, but also helps young adults connect with job opportunities that fit their criteria. There is also the SerJobs “Youth and Young Adults program” which offers training that gives young adults competitive edges and skills in the workforce.

So even if you’re a young teen still trudging through high school, or just a senior that may be leaving soon, there’s plenty of options to give you an entryway into the workforce and a healthy pocket filled with cash!