Chasing the Grades and the Bag


Aaliyah Pena, Team Editor

Being in high school can teach you many things, mainly about time management. Whether it’s regarding extracurriculars on top of schoolwork or just some time spent at home strictly focusing on home things. Something a lot of students consider their primary source of time management is having a job on top of being in school.

Having a job while being in school can be anything but relaxing or easy. As time goes on it is a constant routine that you’re in that can either leave you being stressed or feeling like the ride is never-ending. Though having a job is beneficial and financially wise, it is important to remember that education is what comes first. 

What are some things that can help you balance your school and your job? Here are just a few things to give you an idea: a planner, communication with your teachers, parents, managers, and having time management. 

A planner is crucial for anyone with a lot on their shoulders. A planner or schedule helps you keep track of things that are happening in your life: school, work, events, etc. Whenever you receive your schedule for work, write it down in your planner and prepare yourself for your next shift.

Communication with your teachers, parents, and managers. Communicating with those around you is beneficial in the long run. Teachers encourage students to communicate if there are any issues as well as managers and parents. Be open about why things are stressful or tutorial times are interrupted due to work. Most managers and high authority require open communication as it pertains to responsibility and professionalism.

Last but most important, time management. You are required before or during your interview for a job to let the person who is hiring you know when you can work. This is including days, hours and holidays. Students are automatically set as part-time employees unless told different but that is a rare case. Know what days you want to work, don’t overcrowd your week full of work, there are days in the week that need to be dedicated to school and home things.

If you can manage to keep just these three things in mind as you continue your adventure, you can obtain a stable balance of handling school and work. Remember: school is more important!