Hour Away Relationship


By: Tori Patton

This is my boyfriend Caleb (who lives an hour away) while we were on Face Time. This was the moment when he held a fan and proceeded to say, “I am your number one fan.”

Tori Patton, Team Editor

Long distance relationships are shamed upon by most of the population. Intimate relationships are already a struggle as it is but long distance turns into a different breed of struggle. Long distance can work if you truly want it to, but then you have to put in the work.

If you truly want your relationship to work out you need to approach it with a positive mindset. When you are passionate about something you usually show it through your emotions. From your mindset to the way you approach what you are passionate about, it turns into the main thing you want to pursue. Then why can’t a long distance relationship be the same? If you truly care about this person, then you put in the effort. It only works if both people in the relationship are on the same page as in knowing what they want and don’t want.

I know it sounds terrible to not see the person you’re in a relationship with every day and from personal experience, it is. But it does makes the moments that you do actually see them more significant in a way. Every time you do get that chance to see them, you cherish those moments even more. Even though you don’t have the privilege to see them every day, it gives you motivation and something to always look forward to.

Long distance can turn into a test for you and your partner. It takes a positive mindset and a lot of loyalty for a long-distance relationship to work out. You have to put that trust not only in yourself but also in your partner. If they truly have feelings for you and they say they are loyal to only you then it shouldn’t be a problem. Even though there might be a constant thought in your head of doubt, if you and your partner believe you have true feelings for each other then you shouldn’t worry about anything. 

From personal experience, long distance is truly not the best idea. But most of the time you can’t help who you have feelings for. Even if they live far away from you, you can still have that relationship you’ve always wanted. Just find the right person.