A Bangin’ Story

Hailey Burkett, team editor

So you either got your heart broken, watched an episode of “New Girl,” or think your forehead is too big. All of these things can lead to one unfortunate outcome, an impulsive Super Cuts visit or worse, looking back at yourself in your dirty bathroom mirror with a pair of kitchen scissors to your poor innocent locks.

If you’re reading this, this is your sign to put the scissors down and quite frankly, find a healthier coping mechanism that will not result in months of bobby pins, french twists, and looking like a coconut head. This all may seem a little harsh, but with Valentine’s Day approaching, and one of the leading causes of botched bangs is brutal breakups, it is most necessary to get this point across all the girls scrolling through Pinterest looking at photos of red-era Taylor Swift and Zooey Deschanel.

I’ve been there too ladies, sitting in that salon chair looking back at myself. Hair slicked back with the black salon cape so tight around my neck that I can’t catch my breath, thinking I will walk out of the super cuts a new woman.

I was gravely mistaken.

After the first peek at myself through the gap in my now uneven set of bangs I knew a tragedy had occurred.

To give some background, the day before this I had wrecked my car, quit my job, and been heartbroken in the span of about five hours. Also, my forehead was just looking a little larger than most days.

At this moment I thought that by changing my appearance I would change the nasty way I was feeling about myself. While good intentions were there, changing your outside won’t change your hurt inside. So now I had left with the same sadness I had going in, but now with what appeared to be a mullet.

Right now a fringe may seem like a bangin’ idea. But take a moment before picking up the scissors and cutting something that won’t be grown out for months; think about what you’re actually trying to snip away, your hair? Or your hurt?