Raptor Reunification


Madisyn Hurst, Staff Writer and Layout/Design Editor

Raptor Reunification is an app that all teachers and administrators had to download when they had professional development Jan 20. The purpose of the app is to make sure all the students are where they are supposed to be during an emergency. 

“The Raptor app is something the district chose to use for the accountability system for our emergency plans,” principal Randy Cobb said. “We use this because it tracks where everybody is in the building.” 

Teachers think this new app is a new opportunity to find more ways to keep the students safe.

“I think the Raptor app is a great idea, especially if we have a crisis we can account for our student’s whereabouts and make sure they are safe,” English teacher Tammy Haskins said.

Each teacher has certain procedures that they must follow during drills.

“If there is a tornado drill, I take my class to the restroom across the hall, and then on the app I put in the students who are with me,” English teacher Neil Corbett said. “If there are students who are not with me, hopefully, that student gets accounted for by somebody else.”

Ever since the app has been downloaded, there have been some loading issues while in emergency drills. 

“There have been a couple of issues,” Corbett said. “Our first drill which was a lockdown drill, it took the entire lockdown drill for it to load so we were in the lockdown for like 25 minutes to get my students accounted for and there were teachers that couldn’t get in at all.”

Cobb is talking to higher authorities to try and fix the problems regarding the app.

“When we did the last fire drill my app kicked me off 3-4 different times,” Cobb said. “I never got a good read till the drill was already over, it became frustrating.”