Is the Superbowl Really the Superbowl Without the Commercials?


Grace Walsh, Staff Writer

 The SuperBowl commercials are the best commercials hands down. They make the Superbowl worth watching and they actually have character, unlike the regular commercials. The commercials this year were super funny and I loved watching them. 

My personal favorite commercial was the Doritos one with Lil Nas x. The setting was in an old western town with dirt roads. I thought it was pretty funny because Lil Nas was having a dance-off with Sam Elliot to the song “Old Town Road.” It’s ironic that Elliot was in the commercial because he’s known for playing in western type movies. 

Everybody has to know who Charli D’amelio is right? The famous Tik Tok star? Yep, you guessed it she’s in one of the Superbowl commercials along with a ton of other people who blew up in 2019. The commercial was based around the sole purpose of Humus. Her only line in the whole commercial is “OK boomer”. Some people only watched the Superbowl to see Charli say one line. 

The famous Jason Mamoa was in a commercial for Rocket Mortgage. Everyone knows that Jason is a very muscular dude so in this commercial he was acting like he was taking off all his muscle and skin to get comfortable in his home. It kinda made me uncomfortable because they photoshopped him to look so scrawny. The main purpose was your comfortable in your own skin at your house which has to have a mortgage. 

If you’re a fan of the New England Patriots this commercial probably scared you big time. Tom Brady tricked us into thinking he was going to be retiring because of his “big announcement.” In reality, the commercial was just Tom promoting HULU. They had a black and white filter on the screen to make people think the commercial was sad and to get people freaked out. At the end of the commercial, Tom reassured us that he wasn’t going anywhere. 

Most people nowadays own an Echo Dot or an Alexa. This commercial was about Ellen Degeneres and her wife getting ready to go out and using their Alexa to turn down the thermostat. Ellen then asks Portia “what do you think people back then did without Alexa?” So basically the whole commercial is about people back then using their modern-day Alexa which is their kids or friends. It an all-around funny commercial and everyone enjoyed it. 

Superbowl commercials add fun to watching the Superbowl. If you aren’t interested in football then maybe just tune in for the commercials!