Visual Arts Scholastic Event


photo courtesy of Lennon Marcy

Macie Crawford, staff writer

VASE (Visual Arts Scholastic Event) is an art competition held at Richland Hills high school, Saturday February 8. Many of Azles finest artists went and showed their work to the judges.
In order to compete students had to summit their artwork then bring it to the competition for a final grading.
“My piece placed a 4 in the fourth division (Art 4/AP Art) and my piece was the only one in Azle to get picked for state,” senior Lennon Marcy said.
The judging is split up by four divisions depending on how many years you have done highschool art. The scores range from 1-4, one being the worst and four being the best, people who score a four are qualified to be picked for state.
“It was nice and a lot of fun. A lot of waiting around though because they had to go through over 2,000 interviews,” senior Bri Chrysler said.
This is a great opportunity for aspiring artists. They can get constructive criticism, build their portfolio for college, and have experience with their work being judged.
“If I think a student has talent I will approach them, we also post it. When I ran graphic design I would run ads on the tvs,” Art teacher Baryn Shepherd said.
Anyone from any grade level is able to participate. Though the past few years mainly upperclassmen have gone and competed, this year there was a good amount of underclassmen competing this year.
“This was Azles fourth year going. I’ve been taking students to VASE since 2013, both at the middle school and high school level,” Shepherd said. “When I got here [to Azle] it wasn’t known for students and I thought this was a thing that needs to happen for those that are creatively inclined.”