Sonic The Hedgehog

Logan Creech, Staff Writer

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is a must-see if you’re into this blue, fuzzy, speedy creature. It is definitely a kids movie with all the innocent jokes and goofiness within it. Although, if you’ re an adult, you might not enjoy it as much as the kids will. In this movie, Sonic is forced away from his home planet Mobius, because of the echidnas that wanted Sonic´s power. Sonic transports to planet earth and later meets his Human friend Tom Wachowski played by James Marsden. After being discovered, Sonic is chased from Green Hills, Montana to San Francisco, California by the evil Dr. Robotnik played by Jim Carrey. 

 Carrey’s performance was absolutely incredible, with his crazy facial expressions and evil vocal ranges, he was definitely the right person to play the menacing Dr. Eggman, as Sonic would call him. Sonic voice actor, Ben Schwartz, did a fantastic job at capturing Sonic’s personality and charm. Marsden played the perfect cop with a gold heart, his character wanted to leave his small-town Green Hills to fulfill his dream of becoming a street cop saving people’s lives, and Marsden portrayed just that in his performance. 

Now, I’m sure all of you are wondering if there is going to be a sequel to this fun-loving movie, but that has not yet been disclosed. Be sure to stay for the post-credit scene as you might see one of Sonic’s furry friends and see Dr. Eggman’s whereabouts. The movie did pretty well in the box office making an estimate of $58 million.