The Story of Facebook



“The Social Network” is a film from 2010, starring Jesse Eisenburg and Andrew Garfield. The film recaps the founding of Facebook and the multiple events that made Facebook what it is.

Going into this film I expected a normal historical biography about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, but by the end I realized this movie was written to present as a drama.

Jesse Eisenburg delivers a convincing performance of Zuckerberg when it comes to his ambition and anti-social-ness. Andrew Garfield’s performance as Eduardo Saverin was decent but Garfield has never been particularly talented at playing American roles so his line delivery can seem stagnant at times.

This film shows an interesting character arc with Jesse Eisenburg, which is strange to say as this is a biographical movie, you see a certain college-like adolescence disappear in his character over the 2 hour run-time of this movie. This movie mainly takes place between two perspectives, a court case, and the founding story of Facebook, this creates an interesting dynamic between characters because it sets up an expectation for something to go wrong.

As I said, this movie runs for two hours which is a perfect length for a biopic like this, but the pacing between scenes is so awkward in this film that some moments seem either completely unnecessary or too momentary. A lot of the moments in this film seem over-dramatized for what was actually happening, like a small event would trigger some characters more than what would seem realistic.

Overall this is a pretty good movie besides some slow and awkward moments, I would recommend it if you’re interested in biographical stories like this one.