Thank You For Your Wisdom, Ms. Wisdom

Thank You For Your Wisdom, Ms. Wisdom

Mrs. Wisdom has been teaching algebra for 13 years. 12 of those years were at AHS. Though algebra is a dreaded subject for many, Mrs. Wisdom does her best to make it as easy as possible.

“I try to think of multiple methods for approaching problems,” Ms. Wisdom said. “I also try to change students’ preconceived notions that they aren’t ‘good at math’ All students can be successful in their math course with some effort.”

She is very passionate about what she does.

“I have always loved to learn, and teaching gives me the opportunity to be a life-long learner,” Ms. Wisdom said. “As I raised my children, I could clearly see the impact of a teacher (good and bad). This influenced my decision to return to teaching. I wanted to be the sort of teacher I wanted for my children.”

She also likes the age group she teaches.

“I genuinely enjoy high school students. Even on my worst days, I laugh multiple times because they are so amusing. I have truly missed interacting with my students during distance learning.”

This drive and love for teaching shows in her students performance

“Personally, I’m not the best at math,” junior Morgan Daniels said. “However, she always stayed on my back to make sure I always understood. She really does everything in her power to do what is best for all of her students.”

The class is not only full of learning, it’s full of fun.

“She really interacted with us and would tell us stories about her dog Lola when we finished our work,” Sophomore Alina Meshi said. “She made us feel really close to her, we had fun in class and still managed to get our work done, and it made the learning environment just that much better.”