From Assistant Principle to Theater Teacher


Cynthia Garcia

Mr. G shows off his cleaning supplies outside his classroom.

Starting this year we have a new theater teacher. Although he is a new teacher, he is not new to the school. Former assistant Principal Fursey Gotuaco but known more familiarly to students as Mr. G has taken over from Tia Moen.

“Teaching theatre is the best job in the world,” Mr. G said. “And working with the amazing thespians here at Azle is a fantastic experience.”
Mr. G resigned as assistant Principal to become the theater teacher. Stepping into this new role he has brought different teachings that are more interactive.

“Theater is different because we actually do a lot more acting in class versus learning the history of theater,” junior Ashlie Lewis said.

The theater teacher has the responsibility of the school play as well as teaching the theater classes. This year’s school is A Midsummer Night’s Dream from Shakespeare.

“Personally, I hate Shakespeare, but it’s been fun nonetheless,” senior Sydney Wells said.

Mr. G says being a theater teacher allows for more self-expression and a more interactive classroom. It also gives the students more self-expression as well.

“Teaching theatre is my passion,” Mr. G said. “It allows me to work closely with students in a creative way that Assistant Principal did not allow.”

Having Mr. G as the new theater teacher brings new teachings and ideas that can help and change the experience of theater for the better.

“Our theatre kids are awesome, Mr. G said. They not only have talent for the arts but they are also amazing leaders.”