How in person students are dealing with learning during this time


Erika Clayton

Students walking to their next classes during passing period.

On August 18, school opened back up for students to either attend in person or participate remotely.

Students were able to choose whether or not they wanted to participate in school virtually or in person.

“Azle High School is following all of the safety precautions lined out by our School Board, Superintendent, Principal, and county health officials,” Assistant Principal Aubri Deheck said. “Getting used to not seeing the student’s entire face during the day was hard for me, since I am used to smiling and talking to kids all the time.”

In-person students have to wear a mask all day as well as social distance from others when they attend school on campus.

“It’s not that big of a deal to wear a mask all day at school,” senior Tony Acevedo said. “I don’t even notice I have it on because I got used to it.”

Teachers and administration are taking precautions in order to keep students and their safety a priority.

“When social distancing is possible, I spread my students out however in several classes, this isn’t possible,” English teacher Sarah Milosh said. “My students scan a QR code documenting where and when they are leaving my classroom and when they return. This is in case one of them becomes ill so we can track their path and possible exposure.”

Azle ISD has tried to make the learning curriculum stay the same or tone it down from past school years.

“In some classes, the material has been toned down,” Acevedo said. “In others the material has been left alone and it has made it more difficult.”

Even though students and administration have to operate differently this year, they are trying to make it as normal as possible with the precautions in place.

“The only thing that has been difficult adjusting to was not being able to sit with all of my friends at lunch due to social distancing,” junior Alina Meshi said. “I feel safe coming to school everyday because of the safety precautions that are set in place.”