A COVID-19 Halloween


Arianna Pardue

2 year old Addison Pardue trick or treating.

Halloween is a holiday that is looked forward to by many. People are concerned about the risk that comes with an event like Halloween because of COVID-19. However, kids have been affected the most because of COVID-19.
L.A county had originally planned to ban Halloween this year, but later dropped it. Halloween activities should still be continued this year no matter what.
While there are risks, There are many costumes that have masks and or gloves that are already a part of it. Trick or treating is held outdoors where social distancing can be properly maintained.
“I have no concerns that are different than any other year,” fourth grade teacher Shashana Rollen said, “Everyone treating and handing treats just needs to practice safety as best as possible.”
A porch can become a crowded area and could be a possible concern; however, Halloween candy could be left at the end of the driveway to avoid this. Candy could also be put into separate little bags as a way of keeping candy from being touched repeatedly.
Some people have decided to have a Halloween candy hunt. Which would involve candy being hidden around the house like an Easter egg hunt.
Halloween parties could be held outside for social distancing or in small groups inside. There are many other ways to enjoy Halloween while still staying safe. This year’s Halloween should still happen and hopefully go as normal as it possibly can.