COVID-19 Safety Precautions: Lunch


Grace Walsh

A photo of one of the lunches.

Things have changed all around the world because of COVID-19, one of those things is the way food and maintenance are handled in school cafeterias.
During this pandemic driven school year, our cafeteria workers have been working diligently to keep everything safe for the staff and students.
“Every time we make something, we have to clean up right after it,” cafeteria worker Tawnya Purdue said. “We clean more often, we wash our hands more often, just for safety.”
Social distancing is one of the new precautions that people are required to follow when they are in a group.
“I’ve seen that they made it four to a [cafeteria] table,” sophomore Katherine Ardito said. “This makes well for social distancing.”
Anxiousness is felt all over the world during this global pandemic, especially where large groups of people gather at once, such as in a school cafeteria.
“I personally try not to think about it,” Purdue said. “It will get my anxiety going.”
Athletes, along with the cafeteria workers, students and other staff, are all feeling the heat of COVID-19.
“I am scared to get COVID-19,” junior Seth Hurst said. “I want to have a football season, so I keep my distance.”
With so many students in one area at once, it’s in the COVID-19 guidelines to properly wear a mask, but it is still an issue for the cafeteria workers.
“Students need to remember to cover their nose and their mouth,” cafeteria worker Eileen Harbour said. “Some students come through the line with their masks below their chin and I have to tell them to put their mask on.”