Where Did All the Library Books Go?


Arianna Pardue

The library books are still in the library.

When the COVID-19 quarantine began, many students brought home library books that they had checked out. While many have been returned, hundreds of books are still missing from the library.

Despite attempts from the school librarians to contact students with books currently checked out, few books have been returned. Many students with checked out books simply haven’t responded to the library’s efforts.

“I can see who has the books out, and have started contacting them directly, though with 800 books out, that’s very time consuming. Starting soon I will hopefully have the capability to send out Parent Links to remind students/parents of this.“ librarian Nikki Stroud said.

Mrs. Stroud has tried multiple methods to contact the students with checked out books. This includes asking for help from fellow staff members and utilizing Canvas.

“On a weekly basis, we have been emailing teachers a list of all the books that are late,” Stroud said “I have also been sending messages through Canvas to remind students to turn in their books. I hear back from a small percentage.“

If the books are not returned, not only will it prevent other students from reading the books but it will also cost money to replace them.

“It is sad because these books are here for everyone to borrow. Some were literally brand new,” Stroud said. “These 800 books together probably total around $16,000 to $18,000, so we hope to get many more back in.“

These missing books aren’t just from Azle High School though, incoming Freshmen also hold a portion of the missing books.

“This includes books from the junior highs that were checked out to the freshmen that have come up. I include those in my count because they are still books that belong to the district, and to me that means all of you guys,” Stroud said.

If you are unsure about whether or not you have returned your books to the library, every student is able to go online and access their records.

“Yes we can see the names of the books that are still out. Students can also see this by going through Classlink, and into their Destiny account under Checkouts.“

With 800 books out, the librarians are fighting an uphill battle. They could use all the help they can get in getting these books back.

“If you have ideas on how students can help find missing books, please let me know,” Stroud said. “I can only assume that they are at the homes of our students.“