Students Being Sent Home to Quarantine


Sophmore Danay Cortez participates in online school as she was sent home to quarantine.

As school began on August 18th, a growing number of students have been asked to return home to quarantine. This has required students, parents, and teachers to adjust to new routines and expectations.

During the two week time period of quarantine, students are encouraged to participate in online school. While some students have already engaged in remote learning this year, others have not.

“I have had a really hard time adjusting, as doing online school doesn’t really work for me because I can’t learn this way.“ sophomore Lily Smith said. “I need to be in-person to learn well.”

Teachers and staff have also been obligated to remain in contact with both students and parents through these changes.

“Students, parents, and teachers are working so well together. Parents support the school and their child’s education and teachers do a great job keeping parents and students in the loop daily.“ counselor Aubri Deheck said.

The school has continued to follow the health guidelines given by Tarrant County. These guidelines ensure that the school remains safe for all students and staff.

“We sanitize classrooms in between each class period and when necessary. We clean the building several times a day. We enforce social distancing in the classroom and lunchroom when we can. “ said Deheck. “ Everyone at the school has done a great job ensuring this occurs. We also expect everyone to wear a mask at all times.“

Despite the precautions being taken, being asked to partake in quarantine has resulted in feelings of uneasiness and hesitation among students and their families.

“The school has been getting more cases lately and I think that’s a huge problem for the students, so no, I don’t think returning to school will be safe.“ sophomore Danay Cortez said.

Overall, quarantine remains as a safety measure that schools across the country will continue to partake in for everyone’s health and well being.

“I think it’s a good thing that students are being sent home for precautions for themselves, and most importantly for others around them.“ Cortez said.