OPINION: Azle High School Should Adopt Block Scheduling

So much has changed this year, whether that is from the global pandemic or just to the advancements in the education system. However, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the schedule of 8 classes a day. This one thing that really needs to change is the schedule to a a/b block schedule. While we can’t change how COVID has impacted the way of doing something before, we can accommodate change to better the education of fellow students.

An A/B block schedule is where 8 classes are split in two days. There are 4 classes in one day and the next day there will be 4 other classes. This would be a drastic change from the original schedule, but would allow greater opportunities.

With the new procedures due to the coronavirus, the process of taking attendance takes around 15 minutes on a good day and days with substitutes taking attendance could be even longer. By the time teachers have given the assignment out there is only about five to 10 minutes left of class. Repeat this about 8 times and this leads to a lot of homework and stressed out students.

The A/B schedule would allow for more time for teaching or giving instruction and students would still have time to complete work. As well as there would be less of a chance of homework and that would help teachers by having time to grade assignments during class if they wanted too.

An A/B block schedule might possibly allow for the block class to only have one period for the class instead of 2. This would allow students to have the opportunity for more classes of their choosing. Because with students only going to 4 classes a day, each class period would be about 90-95 minutes.

Overall, the A/B block schedule would be a great way to cope with all the changes that have affected the students and the teacher this year. All the opportunities would be a great way to start off a new year.