The Dazzlers Shine Through a Difficult Year


Photo by: Erin Boyer

The Emerald Dazzlers pose for a team photo.

The Captain of the Emerald Dazzlers put her whistle in her mouth. The bright stadium lights lit up the football field on a Friday night. As she started to blow the whistle, the other dazzlers followed behind her and walked with confidence.

Once they arrived on the field they immediately got in their first position of their dance. Then they immediately bowed their heads and were ready to dominate the field.

The football announcer stated,“Please welcome the Jewels of Azle,” and the crowd started to cheer with excitement. The music started to play and the dazzlers took off and began their routine.

Due to COVID-19, there have been many changes for the extracurricular activities this year. Although the many circumstances that the Emerald Dazzlers have faced, they have still continued to shine through.

“The Dazzlers have been wonderful with all of the changes,” Dazzler coach Erin Boyer said. “These girls are so understanding and realize that the Covid situation is out of our control and we try to make the best of it.”

With all the many changes this season the dazzlers are still able to enjoy their season while staying safe.

“We have had to make a lot of changes this year due to social distancing and health guidelines,” Junior Lieutenant Emma Boyer said. “But we are still able to make it work and have fun as a team.”

The team has seen many positive aspects of the season as well.

“This year we got the opportunity to do new things like sit at the end zone and cheer the football team on from a different area,” First Lieutenant Emily Terrett said.

Although the Dazzlers will not be having a competition season this year, they have other ideas in mind.

“We are planning to have a huge spring show to make up for all the things that we have missed out on this year, as well as not having one last year,” Terrett said.

Not only does it help improve dancing, but being on the team offers lifelong friendships and bonds.

“My favorite thing about being an officer is that I get to lead the team with my best friends by my side,” Senior Lieutenant Libby Hughes said. “We’ve all had to go through tough things this year that has brought us all so much closer together.”

Unfortunately, the seniors are not able to have a season like the previous ones but they are still making the best of it.

“I feel sad that as a senior I have to miss out on some of the things that make senior year on dazzlers so fun and special,” Captain Taryn Mikula said. “But I am very grateful for the things that we still get to do.”

The team cannot wait to see what they will accomplish this year despite COVID and the challenges that came with it.

“I am hoping to accomplish making more memories while I still can before I graduate.” Mikula said.