What Happens When Traveling During a Pandemic

The holidays have just passed and during the pandemic you think people wouldn’t want to travel. Nope. 11% of people flew and 76% of people drove to their Thanksgiving location. During Christmas, 7,189,521 people were screened at TSA checkpoints. And on Christmas Eve 2.5 million more people traveled by plane. According to https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/25/business/tsa-air-travel/index.html

The number one airline, American Airlines, has requirements while flying on their airline during the pandemic. While on the plane you have to have a face covering the full flights unless you are eating or drinking, hand sanitizer is available on all flights, food and drink service is limited for social distance, and everything is well clean and sanitized from the kitchen to the seatbelts to the filtered air. To read more visit https://www.aa.com/i18n/travel-info/travel-with-confidence.jsp?from=bannerContainerA

The number two airline, Delta Airline, have some similarities like the requirement for every passenger to wear a mask and the filtered air, and hand sanitation, but what they add is when passengers are bored three has to be space in between them for social distancing and the middle seat in the aisles have been blocked for no one to sit in and number of passengers have been reduced. To read more visit https://www.delta.com/us/en/travel-update-center/ways-we-are-keeping-you-safe/setting-the-standard-for-safer-travel

The number three airline, Southwest Airlines, has similarities as well like cleaning the plane and everyone has to have a face covering, and also with the filtered air. The airline does not block the middle aisle for social distancing but they do limit the times the flight attendants come to see the passengers. To read more visit https://www.southwest.com/airline-cleanliness-social-distance/

During crazy times like this, we need to realize that the Virus is still alive and well. Stay safe, wash your hands frequently and wear a face mask.