Vaping: Trend or Danger?

Teen vaping became a prominent issue in early 2019, and hasn’t died down. If anything, the issue has become worse because it is now a “normal” trend amongst teenagers, when it should be looked down upon by peers, adults, etc. The sad truth is that teenagers all around the globe have already developed addictions due to their vaping habits.
One of the most troubling aspects of teen vaping is peer pressure and the addiction that follows it, alongside the unbothered attitude toward the long term health concerns of falling subject to vaping.
Peer pressure is seen in all kinds of situations; whether it means pressured into procrastination or forced into rebellious behavior that could make teens spiral into bad habits. Teenagers these days can go to just about any event and witness peer pressure, especially school environments. There have been many accounts of students going to the bathroom during school and being caught up with a group of friends juuling/vaping in secret. As if that isn’t bad enough, they also ask their unfortunate guests if they would like to join them, and plenty of students decline. Hence, the bathroom in nearly every hallway being locked during class.
It’s not alway teenagers pressuring other peers, either. It can be older students telling the latter that it won’t do them any harm to vape, to do it once, try it, and get it over with. However, the unfortunate outcome of most of those situations is not a one time and get it done scenario. Instead, they push their luck and start developing an addiction that isn’t always easy to quit. Luckily for those people, there are plenty of ways to get help with their addiction because of programs like Truth Initiative, American Lung Association, etc.
Nowadays, vaping is a trend that teenangers turn to in order to fit in and seem cool, “trendy”, per say. Despite the fact that there are so many other trends to give in to, vaping is the one that has swept teenagers off of their feet. Vapes can come with “zero” nicotine, a certain amount of nicotine, or they can be rigged to have something much worse.. Either way, whatever substance is being inhaled, it can be addictive.
Once someone is addicted, withdrawal symptoms start, which are never pleasant. It can go from headaches, to sleepless nights, to anxiety and concentration problems. These may not seem that bad, but withdrawal can be debilitating.
Additionally, contrary to popular belief, vaping does in fact cause lung and heart problems. Doctors have found that traces of whatever may be in a vape can settle in the lungs and cause inflammation, which can result in breathing issues. It’s also been proven that metals like tin, nickel and aluminum are inhaled when someone vapes, which can cause functional impairment, and scars on the lungs (pulmonary fibrosis).
Overall, the safest bet for someone who doesn’t want any type of long term health problems or impairment, is to stay away from vaping at all costs.
In this day of age, it’s important to keep bodies healthy and minds sharp. Peer pressure is real and it’s dangerous. Being hard-headed and quick on your feet is a must for teenagers now. Teen vaping is a genuine issue, and it’s time to take a proper stand against it.