Issues with the Bathrooms Again


Grace Walsh

One of the many bathrooms that are closed.

Azle Administration has recently locked some of the bathrooms due to students vaping or doing inappropriate things. The student body is outraged with the fact that they can not use the bathrooms whenever they please.

The school believes that shutting down the bathrooms is the most reasonable approach to stop vaping and other inappropriate acts.

“I, as a student at AHS, should have the right to use the restroom when I need to,” senior Abby Walsh said. “When I heard about the new rule I immediately contacted Mr. Cobb to have a meeting with me to discuss it.”

Junior Jessica Scribner made a Google form regarding the issue for students to fill out to show Mr. Cobb the concerns of the student body.

“I made a google form so that the whole student body had a chance to express their concerns, explain how they feel, and give better opinions for how Azle High School could handle this without affecting the whole student body,” Jessica said.

Other students think it is a good idea to shut down the bathrooms because they think it will help with the vaping issue.

“Honestly to me it’s a good solution because the kids are ruining the bathroom privileges for everyone so maybe this will make them learn,” junior Brookelyn Smith said.

Overall 3 out of the 12 bathrooms at AHS are not closed.

“All of my classes are spread out across the school so having 3 bathrooms open to the students is ridiculous,” sophomore Karlee Locke said.

The bathrooms have become a very tough subject to the students because most of them are not very fond of the idea. Students have accepted that they cannot do much to solve the problem and in the end it’s the staff’s decision on what to do.