Let the Feet do the Talking

This year due to the COVID-19 the girl’s soccer team had major changes towards tournaments, games, scrimmages, and many more. They’ve unfortunately had to cancel the varsity games due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 and many teammates getting quarantined.

“Before COVID-19 came into view, we were able to enjoy moments with the teammates without having to deal with masks and social distancing,” junior Varsity Emila Bazan said. “Once the virus came to the United States, the seasons were cut short until November and I knew the junior year was going to be different from COVID-19”

The girl’s JV and varsity were glad to enjoy the moments they had with their teammates before COVID-19 came to the United States but unfortunately, soccer season was cut short due to the pandemic and canceled many of the varsity games.

“Coach Wood has been taking their time for all of us to gain muscle so we’ve been going to the weight room once the season started,” junior Varsity Emila Barzon said. “Learning new plays, and making sure to check up on our health very often.”

With many changes that happened this year, one of the biggest changes was the new coaches for the girl’s soccer teams, Coach Wood takes her own time off and help teammates gain muscle individually, and teach different strategies to try once they’re in the field.

“We’ve only played one so far and we, unfortunately, didn’t win the game,” Junior Maddy Westbrook said. “But, I’m feeling good about this upcoming tournament, these are teams we’ve never played before so it’ll be something new, and I’m sure our team will be decent.”

The girl’s JV and varsity are prepared to take on the challenges with the new competition and COVID-19 had for them, they have been taking precautions very carefully with social distancing, wearing their masks, and avoid close contact with others.