Yearbook makes the best of a difficult situation


Arianna Pardue

Senior Bailee Johnson taking a photo of the baseball field

At the end of every school year there is one thing that students can always count on getting, the yearbook. This year the yearbook has faced many struggles because of the Coronavirus with events being pushed back and even with the majority of the school being online.

“The biggest struggle we have faced is how events have been pushed back due to COVID, making it difficult to meet our deadlines with the publishing company, said Yearbook teacher, April Williams. “It has also been difficult teaching students who are virtual or quarantined to have the opportunity to interview them.”

With this year being difficult to get interviews and pictures from events due from COVID, Williams is exceptionally happy from this year’s students.

“They have gone out of their way to ensure we have an amazing book, Williams said.” I’m blessed to have such amazing students and hard workers.”

With the majority of students being online, the yearbook crew does have to find a way to get interviews from students from events that were being photographed.

“It is hard to interview people who are not in school, because we would have to either wait until they get back to school or email/text them, but they may not even answer back,” Dylan Knoll said.

Even though this year was difficult for the yearbook crew, they still managed to have a fun time meeting new people.

“I enjoyed being able to create something that has so many memories for students in our school.” Sophomore Jessie Heath said.

The students had a fun time taking pictures for this year’s yearbook and finding a way around the struggles of the coronavirus was tricky but Mrs. Williams helped the class become a team and work together.