Azle ISD to Switch to Nine Week Grading Periods


Azle ISD Calender 2021-2022

Starting next year, Azle ISD will follow new grading period schedules. Rather than continue using the six weeks schedule, Azle ISD will now follow a nine week grading schedule, where there are two grading periods in each semester.

This change has been met with both positive and negative criticism from students and teachers. With opinions coming from both sides, the divide between those who support it and those who do is seemingly equal.

“I see the benefits to it,” said Coach Helms, “it’ll be interesting to see how it works out.”

Some have spoken up for the new grading period schedule, noting that it could be beneficial for students that stay caught up in each of their classes.

“I feel as if 9 week grading periods would be better due to less testing and more time to retain the knowledge we need to know.” said Bailey Pierce.

This decision to change the grading period could completely change how the curriculum is taught. Teachers will have more time to teach multiple units and students will have more time to fix any bad grades.

“I think that it will take stress off of students and allow them more time to get their grades together.” said Caden Christian.