What an Honor to be Honored

NHS: What it is and How Inductions Went

Nervously shaking as names were being called, one after another.

Sitting as still as possible as the people filling up the seats of the auditorium watched intently.

The normal anticipation of walking across the stage to be inducted is heavy and exhilarating.

Yet, It was completely different this year.

Instead of being able to walk across the stage for inductions, National Honor Society welcomed their new members on March 29th with a special way to induct them- a slideshow.

“The planning was definitely more difficult than an in person induction would have been since we had to develop a deep understanding of what all we were able to create and use on Zoom,” National Honor Society president Lauren Giles said. “Despite the difficulties, the officers and Mrs. Burnham still wanted to make a special night for our new members because it is such an honor to join the club and we wanted to congratulate them the best that we could.”

As the advisor of National Honor Society, which is currently holding 125 members, Mrs. Burnham always feels proud inducting new members.

“I love to see new members as they commit themselves to not only uphold a high scholastic standing but also become involved in service to the Azle High school and community.” Lou Burnham said.

National Honor Society is a program that puts the spotlight on students who excel in scholarship, leadership, character, and service, and its requirements are demanding, in order students to continue exceeding these standards.

“Keeping a semester average above ninety-five takes a lot of hard work, and even though it is tedious and kind of stressful it is a wonderful thing to accomplish, and NHS [National Honor Society] pushes students to maintain that,” Giles said. “Usually there is a requirement of 24 community service hours to stay in NHS. I feel that many members will be motivated through community service, which is why I am glad it is required.”

To anyone with the desire to apply for National Honor Society, current members are always welcoming, as is Mrs. Burnham, with encouraging words.

“I would say just do it,” Cassidy Boston said. “Don’t be scared of rejection because if you worked hard for it then you obviously deserve it! Also, don’t quit trying if you don’t get in the first time.”

Here is a list of new members that were inducted last month. Congratulations on your hard work!

Jackson Abraham 10
Katheryn Ardito 10
Natalie Barnes 11
Cassidy Boston 12
Meagan Brady 10
Piper Bulat 10
Lexie Cantrell 10
Kayla Cockerline 10
Daisy Collazo 10
Celsea Colley 12
John Clark 10
Kora Clark 11
Baylee Craddock 10
Adam Derda 10
Drew Dorris 10
Makenzee Fair 10
Elizabeth Feldman 11
Aiden Fuller 10
Diana Garcia 10
Sydney Gatlin 10
Garrett Gouyton 11
Aaron Grow 11
Brenna Ingle 11
Ashtyn Kay 10
Henry Lalonde 10
Tyler Landon 10
Luke McLaughlin 10
Phoebe Mosley 10
Nathan Nguyen 11
Ashlyn Norton 10
Riley Norton 12
Macee Peterson 12
Bailey Phillips 10
Harleigh Phillips 10
Andrew Roecker 11
Jessica Scribner 11
Megan Smith 12
Kennedy Stolarczyk 10
Addison Taylor 11
Carter Thompson 10
Trey Thornton 10
Trinity Thornton 10
Conner Tomlinson 10
Austin Tong 10
Amanda White 10