Bond Vote To Decide the Future of the School District


Erika Clayton

The bond meeting at Central Park

From April 19 to 27, the city held early voting for the new school district bond, which plans to help both the highschool and/or elementary schools. The official voting day is May 1 and will also include a vote for mayor, three spots on the city council, and a few other matters.

The bond itself, compared to the last one, holds three different proposals. The first proposal, Proposal A, will focus on the elementary schools, which are predicted to soon go over their capacity limits. They plan to create another elementary school, making it the sixth in the district. The school itself will hold 600 students, with adequate space and resources for classrooms and students. Proposal A also focuses on the upgrade of Hoover Elementary School with a new band hall and choir room, given that they are currently having class in portable classrooms. Proposal A has been dedicated to making all elementary schools as equal as possible to ensure all students have the same opportunities and expectations.

“[Though some campuses] have unique qualities with their teachers, PTO, and students, they should have equal learning environments,” Superintendent Todd Smith said. “[Hoover and Eagle Heights elementary school] have needs… [they] probably look the exact same as when some of the parents went there.”

Proposition B mainly focuses on the high school. As a result of students eating in hallways, having to use the commons area, and the mall area, there is a plan to increase seating capacity in the cafeteria, as well as improving the bathrooms near the entrance of the auditorium and the kitchen to help prepare for a larger school body. The band halls will also be improved, with larger practice rooms that are planned to be sound-proof and allow more instrument storage. The drama program will also be effected with a bigger drama room, better light systems, sound equipment, and larger stage area.

As for athletics, Proposal A will renovate the field house to have more space and the ability to have all groups effectively meet under adequate conditions as well as better restrooms, showers, and locker rooms. The high school will also add academic benefits, with eight new science labs up to the Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) standards and renovate older science labs to be able to hold any other subject as necessary.

Proposition C is all stadium based, with the district planning to renovate the current stadium and remove the current bleachers to have new, aluminum ones to replace them. It will also bring the entire stadium up to code with better restrooms, concession stands, and better entrances and exits. With the renovation of the stadium the district also plans to build a new press box. With these renovations and new buildings, Azle will be able to host UIL events in the renovated stadium.

Assistant Superintendent Matt Adams said, “If you are a freshman or sophomore this year, you may be able to see the new [science labs] in the upcoming years.”