The Sting Recognizes: Mrs. Fuller


Angel Brown

Mrs. Fuller working behind her desk.

Mrs. Fuller teaches Honors English I and Onramps English, but she’s more than just a staff member. Despite being the amazing teacher she is, she’s also generous and welcoming to all of her students. She never fails to light up the room with her kind and encouraging words, and she always manages to make everyone around her feel comfortable. She’s kind, warm-hearted, and understanding to all of her students and their hardships, making everyone feel at ease in her presence.

Thanks to Mrs. Fuller, those who had or currently have her class walk away with something valuable, whether that be her incredible teaching skills or the positive impact she makes on her students.

“Mrs. Fuller was always so kind and just an overall ray of sunshine,” senior Bonnie Thomas said. “The first week into freshman year, I asked her a question after school and then I told her I was sorry for not seeming smart enough for an honors class. I started tearing up and she was just cheering me up.”

“She was such a great teacher because it was obvious that she cared for her students and genuinely wanted to help us,” former student Cameron Mauerhan said. “During my senior year when I was feeling burnt out during my first semester she was really helpful in encouraging me to just finish my paper.”

“What made Mrs. Fuller such an amazing teacher is that she would listen to what you had to say and would try to make decisions that would be best for her students,” senior Brianna Gonzalez said. “She was always so cheery which would make the class way more enjoyable.”

“She is such a kindhearted, patient lady and I understood why so many enjoyed having her,” junior Emilia Bazan said. “I learned so much while being in her classroom, from writing better essays, reading amazing books, to understanding poetry.”

“Mrs. Fuller is amazingly kind, and always very understanding regardless of circumstances,” senior Kaelyn Parker said. “As an extremely hard-working and busy person (especially freshman year), I can recall letting an assignment slip my mind. Mrs. Fuller allowed me an extra day on it without penalty.”