The Sting Recognizes: Mrs. Bevan


Angel Brown

Mrs. Bevan

From owning a petting zoo to spending three months in the Yukon to going on Judge Judy to teaching Algebra, math teacher Rachel Bevan has done it all. Not only is she a fantastic teacher, she’s also an amazing person.

One of the reasons I love Mrs. Bevan is her dedication to helping her students. She’s always so willing to help any student with any problem. Whenever you have troubles with any math, from what we’re learning in class to what people are learning in Calculus, she always finds the time to help everyone in her class. She makes hard topics easy to understand and has helped me finally get topics that I’ve struggled with for years. I also believe Mrs. Bevan is a wonderful teacher because of how fun she manages to make class. She always has these fun stories to tell about her adventures throughout the years or how her new baby bunnies are doing. She always manages to bring a smile on my face and the face of many others.

I’m not the only one who has these opinions. Many other students could agree that she is a great teacher.

“I like that Bevan is always supportive and willing to help everyone no matter what,” senior Madison Kinder said. “She has helped me have a better understanding of algebra.”

“She is very nice and is actually helpful in class and teaches me math,” senior Michael Baker said. “She’s taught me how to make origami and how to play with animals.”

“She’s energetic,” junior Caden Christian said. “She’ll sacrifice so we can understand and she’s flexible so we can understand the content.”