The Sting Recognizes: Ms. Marlett


Kenneth Caswell

Ms. Marlett working at her desk.

Brenda Marlett is the geometry and financial math teacher. She has stuffed animals throughout her classroom that students can hold or set on the table, which is a fun way to add to any learning in the classroom, making math even more interesting. Marlett also incorporates art into math projects, with competitions amongst the other classes for extra credit or prizes.

Ms. Marlett interacts (and she’s the sponsor for the Interact club!), and that by itself has touched many by helping the school and community. Marlett has impacted students, many of which from years before still come by to chat or sometimes hang in her classroom.

“Ms. Marlett has helped me work on my accountability and she has helped me expand my outlook on friendships with others,” Sophomore Payton Craig said.

“She helped me understand geometry and made it easy,” senior Lauren Wethington said. “She was a really sweet lady and I had fun in her class.”

“Ms. Marlett has really become my friend this year,” freshman Madeleine Bovin said. “She really helped me through the ups and downs this year has brought me and everyone else together.”