The Sting Recognizes: Mrs. Prather

Here at Azle, Sherri Prather is the computer science teacher, and this year, I got the pleasure of being in her OnRamps Computer Science class. Mrs. Prather knows how to make a learning environment relaxed and enjoyable for her students. She truly makes an effort to know them and relate to them that many teachers just do not do.

Computer science and coding are hard subjects to learn, and while learning them may seem daunting, Mrs. Prather really helps teach it to you in a way you can understand and she will always help you when you need it. If you want to be more experienced in computers or coding, her classes are definitely the ones to take. This year has been hard to be a tough one, but Mrs. Prather does everything to make sure that everyone is learning, while also having a fun time in class.

“Mrs. Prather has been my teacher for 3 years, ever since coming to Azle in 2018,” senior Alex Heath said.

People that have had Mrs. Prather for many years agree that she is a kind person and extremely understanding.

“My experience has been really exceptional; she is extremely sweet and will help you out if you are really struggling,” Heath said.

She is an amazing person and her students keep in contact with her even after they graduate.

“I will most likely use her for contact references for jobs and keep in contact with her for the foreseeable future,” Heath said.