AHS Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Keri Dorris


Arianna Pardue

Mrs. Dorris at a table

A little over a week ago, English teacher Keri Dorris was announced as Teacher of the Year for our school. This was Mrs. Dorris’ first time winning the award at AHS, and it was about time.

“I was so flattered and honored,” Mrs. Dorris said. “There are so many great teachers at Azle High School.”

Mrs. Dorris has always tried her hardest to make sure all of her students are doing well in the classroom. Her teaching methods are helpful and understandable for every one of her students. In the case that it isn’t, she is always happy to help out any student having trouble.

“Though I was only in her class a few weeks, I will say that she engages her students in reading and understanding the given assignments in a way that is both beneficial and critical to her students’ learning processes,” sophomore Amanda White said.

She always gives her students freedom with her assignments. For every essay her students have a choice of what position they wanted to take and were encouraged to be creative with it. There is never a time where her students feel restricted in the classroom.

“I loved how we were always able to have honest discussions in her class without fear of having to choose a side that you didn’t want to be on,” junior Kora Clark said.

Mrs. Dorris is also an easy person to talk to. She’s a really nice teacher who cares about her students. There’s no better teacher at this school than her to simply have a conversation with. Every moment inside of her class is a good memory.

“I enjoyed her class, and I enjoyed talking to her,” junior Josiah Clark said. “We’d talk about books and what we thought of them. She was a great teacher that I always loved talking to, even after the bell rang.”

Mrs. Dorris is a phenomenal teacher by all accounts. She excels in practically everything a teacher does. She completely deserves to be teacher of the year. She does so much for her students, no other teacher is more deserving of this reward.

“She was just such an amazing teacher, I miss her,“ Clark said.