Chapter 2: Saying Goodbye to Azle High School


Photo by: Tori Patton

My Favorite Memories of AHS.

Tori Patton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Goodbye to the band hall doors I was too scared to walk through freshman year.

Goodbye to all of the science classes, I barely passed.

Farewell to C hall for making me realize how much I hated walking behind slow people.

Goodbye to the F hall stairs that were way too steep and got me out of breath.

Goodbye, Mozzarella sticks that were served in the cafeteria sometimes that was bangin’.

Goodbye, Mr.Garza’s old room where I learned nothing but had a good time.

So long to the CTE hallway where I took Floral Design one year and hated it.

See you later, the auditorium where I performed my first monologue in Theatre 1.

Adios, Ms. Bradshaw’s room where I learned to be outgoing.

Bye-bye to practice room #3, watching Selena and crying wouldn’t be the same without you.

Hooray to the 3 homeroom teachers I met and were not close to whatsoever.

Ciao to the upper lot for giving me weird textures on my hands after doing push-ups.

See you, morning announcements that reminded me to wear my ID for the 100th time.

Catch you later bell songs for being so annoying but helpful. 

And last but certainly not least, Auf wiedersehen to my favorite teachers (y’all know who ya are) and band directors for helping me shape who I was and who I am. I can never repay you for the grace and guidance y’all have shown me the last four years.

Farewell AHS.